The engineers played ping-pong roboptim: funny videos

Инженеры сыграли в пинг-понг робопсом: смешное видео

During the test a miniature work of SpaceBok engineers decided to play robocom ping-pong. However, this interesting move was part of the experiment.

As Business Insider reports, the robot SpaceBok was created for quick movement on uneven surfaces.

The researchers found SpaceBok the side of the floating platform to simulate a zero gravity environment in two dimensions.

What is SpaceBok? It is a small robot that learns to jump and overcome difficult obstacles. In the future on its basis will create Rovers, who will no longer fall behind the wheel of the gorge.

Test work SpaceBok – watch videos

For what research was conducted? The idea of the project was to change the modern approach to the study of celestial bodies such as the Moon or Mars. Engineers hope that future generations of Rovers will have better wheels, which now often get stuck in ruts and cracks.

Likely, conventional wheels will be replaced by something similar to legs that allow the Rover to jump in order to effectively overcome obstacles.

Our experiment was aimed to find out which method of travel will be most relevant in conditions of low gravity, such as on the moon,
– said one of the sponsors of Hendrick Kolvenbach.

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