The engineers set a new speed record of the Internet – 44.2 Tbps

Инженеры установили новый рекорд скорости интернета - 44,2 Тбит/с

Employees of universities RMIT, Monash and Swinburne (Australia) achieved a new world record for Internet speed. During the experiment, the rate of transmission of data was at the level of 44.2 Gbps.

The results managed to achieve thanks to the introduction of a single tool – microcells (micro-comb). The latter is placed inside the dark fiber and works like a rainbow, sharing a single chip for hundreds of infrared lasers. Each of them is used as a separate communication channel.

Through the work of the experts reached 76.6 kilometers of an improved cable between University in Melbourne and its satellite campus in Clayton. While simulated peak load on the network, but the device even with this outstanding 44.2 Tbit/s.

The engineers said that they not only set a new record Internet speed, but in the foreseeable future to introduce the technology in people’s everyday lives. Technology is able to withstand 1.8 million homes in Melbourne and a billion throughout the world.