The engineers showed elastic battery for portable electronics: video

Lithium-ion batteries, which today are used for gadgets hard and often bulky. They take up much space and can even pose a threat because of the possibility of fire damage. American scientists have managed to develop a flexible polymer battery that is much more resistant to these types of mechanical effect of compression and tension.

The batteries, which were developed using the polymers, although flexible, still had several disadvantages. In the process of operation they can leak and even catch fire. Researchers from Stanford University managed to solve this problem, according to Gadgets.

How does the development

Researchers have developed homogeneous elastic polymer, is able to maintain a constant power output. The battery is not only performs its main task, but also able to shrink, bend and stretch without breaking functionality. Due to its flexibility the new battery will be able to adapt to the shape of the housing of the device.

One of the possible applications of these batteries can be powered sensors, which should fit snugly to the skin. For example, for devices designed to control heart rate, pressure and other vital functions
the researchers commented.

Power battery for portable electronics:

While the working prototypes have half the capacity compared with conventional batteries of similar size. With the development of technology, the novelty will probably be able to replace the traditional lithium solution in combination with various portable electronics.

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