The English club have fined the player for provocative photos in Balaclava

Midfielder English “Stoke city” and the national team of Ireland’s James McClean has been punished by the club for the photo, which the player posted on his instagram. The club officially announced the decision to deprive a player two weeks wages.

The footballer posted a photo of the storis your instagram. On photo player put on his head a Balaclava and tells the story that listening to his children.

Today’s school lesson – history,
– wrote player.

Английский клуб оштрафовал футболиста за провокационное фото в балаклаве

Английский клуб оштрафовал футболиста за провокационное фото в балаклаве

Provocative photo of a football player

Of the fans is a post player didn’t like. The club was criticized storis player and forced the player to publicly apologize for that photo. Sam McClean apologized and deleted my profile.

“I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but now realized that would not have avoided this. I want to apologize for their actions. After talking with the club I decided to delete my profile,” admitted the 30-year-old Irishman.

Balaklava is associated in Britain with the Irish Republican army (IRA). This rebel group of the last century, the purpose of which was the struggle for the complete independence of Northern Ireland.

McClean famous for its public refusal to wear a poppy on the shirt because of the events of Bloody Sunday in 1972. Then British paratroopers shot peaceful Irish demonstration in the hometown of James. The poppy is a symbol of all the British military who died in military conflicts.

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