The equalization of the sexes in Portugal

Уравнивание полов в Португалии

Men almost everywhere are paid more than women. According to world Bank estimates, overcoming such inequality over the average working life, mankind would be 160 trillion dollars richer. To move this figure, in Portugal women are taught entrepreneurship. This happens, in particular, in the Lisbon center for cooperation and culture. It opened in 2014, when the country is emerging from the economic crisis. Core business is teaching there Mariana Duarte Silva:

“Working here from the beginning, I saw how the Portuguese economy is gradually recovering, she says. Rotary was the moment when a political decision was reached on the establishment of the municipality of Lisbon, Department for the promotion of a new economy, new types of business activity. When I’m training, the most important is to focus and not allow yourself to distract the male votes in our environment. At the same time, it is men who have had a beneficial effect on the development of my career.”

Annual conference on professional development of women spend in the Lisbon centre the Union for the Mediterranean. This organization includes 43 European States, the Middle East and North Africa.

Euronews correspondent Isabel Marques da Silva reports:

“A year after the signing of the Cairo Declaration on the fight against gender inequality, the Mediterranean Union gives an assessment of the progress made. One of the many priorities is the prevention of violence against women, especially sexual. This topic attracts a lot of attention thanks to the hashtag #MeToo (“me too”) and the awarding of the Nobel peace prize to those who help the victims of such attacks.”

Born in Jordan Lina Khalifa won several medals in fight sports. In 2012, she founded a chain of self-defence “SheFighter”. Since then they have trained more than 15 thousands of women around the world. Lina teaches you how to become stronger physically, but especially psychologically:

“The main thing is to link the mind, body and soul to achieve harmony between them, she says. – Need to strengthen peace and grace within yourself. It is important to be aware of their internal strength. You don’t have to rely on others, not to learn from them about their weak points or problems with confidence.”

At this conference it was decided to establish a monitoring mechanism for the measures of women’s development in 43 countries of the Mediterranean and measuring progress.

The head of the Department of social and civil Affairs of the Union Laurence Pais calls another of its goals:

“If the proportion of women and men in the labour market will be equal, it will give the Mediterranean region with GDP growth of 25 percent, she says. – You can imagine how much money this is, it is important for the whole society. We will have a more equitable, integrated and open society “.

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