The error prevents the iOS apps to run on iPhone and iPad

Ошибка iOS препятствует запуску приложений на iPhone и iPad

Became aware that some iPhone and iPad users are faced with a problem at startup a number of applications. When you try to open some apps on devices running iOS and iOS 13.4.1 13.5, the following message appears: “This app is no longer available. To use it you must buy it in the App Store”.

On various forums and in social networks, there have been complaints from users who faced this problem. Judging by the dozens of problem reports that have been published by Twitter users, we can say that the error appears when opening applications in iOS and iOS 13.4.1 13.5. What is the cause of this failure is unknown, since the error appears only on some iPhone and iPad users. From the reports it is also clear that attempts to rectify the situation through the App Store don’t work. Trying to run the app from the store of digital content in Apple leads to the same error.

Despite the fact that the cause of the error is unknown, some users say that the problem started to occur after the recent updates. The message says that the error appears when trying to run Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, LastPass, etc. the Source notes that the purpose of the experiment was to upgrade the WhatsApp application on the iPhone with iOS 13.5, then when you start to see the error.

According to reports, to fix the problem with reinstalling the app. Also in some cases helps easy unloading the offending application and re-launch.