The eruption of the volcano in the Kuril Islands has destroyed life on the island

Извержение вулкана на Курилах уничтожило жизнь на острове

Scientists said that the eruption of the volcano in the Kuril Islands Raikoke destroyed flora and fauna on the island. According to “Popular mechanics”, soon to Wake up and other volcanoes of the Kuril Islands.

The volcano Raikoke woke up after almost 100 years of silence and in 12 hours made nine volcanic explosions, billowing in the air the ash cloud. According to researcher at the laboratory of Volcanology and volcanomagnetic Institute of marine Geology and Geophysics Feb RAS Marina Chibisova, this powerful eruption led to the death of fauna and even flora on the island.

The volcano itself rises to 551 meters above sea level, the diameter of its crater is 700 meters and the depth is 200. At the moment the intensity of steam and ash decreased and the ash falls from the height of two kilometers. The researchers emphasize that in the near future new eruptions Raikoke not expected.

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