The escalation in the Donbas will not help Putin to influence the elections in Ukraine – former US Ambassador

Обострение на Донбассе не поможет Путину повлиять на выборы в Украине, - экс-посол США

Russia began to actively interfere in the internal Affairs of Ukraine on the eve of presidential and parliamentary elections. However, the Kremlin will not be able to use increased military aggression in Donbas and the Azov sea to influence the election results.

Ukrainians have long understand what aggressive lead Russia, said former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and current Director of the Eurasian center “Atlantic Council” John Herbst comments in the “UKRINFORM”.

The vast majority of the Ukrainian people understand that Moscow aggression against Ukraine, and they have a negative attitude to it. And if that happens (will increase the aggression of Russia – 24 channel), it will lead to more negative attitude towards Moscow,

he said.

Moscow has consistently said that the conflict in the Kerch Strait, when Russian border guards fired on Ukrainian ships and captured 24 sailors, were “provoked” the operating Ukrainian power. However, the Ukrainians and the whole world understand that these statements are merely “Kremlin propaganda”.

At the same time, Herbst said that under the impact of Russian disinformation in Ukraine is still part of the population. However, it is “a small number of Ukrainian voters”.

What Russia will do to influence the outcome of elections in Ukraine?

Moscow will resort to all possible manipulations to influence elections in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the data of not only Ukrainian, but also foreign intelligence services. Actively trying to provide information attack on Ukrainians across the TV screens. In addition, it uses the promotion of information, cyberprivacy, attempts to capture polling stations, financial support of candidates and will try to bring to power a candidate.

However, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov believes that Russia will not start a full-scale war against Ukraine during the presidential elections. She has real possibilities. The Kremlin will have to wait for the voting results to try to negotiate with the newly elected President or to compromise.

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Обострение на Донбассе не поможет Путину повлиять на выборы в Украине, - экс-посол США