The establishment of oil reserves want to impose on business. The fuel may get more expensive

Создание запаса нефти хотят возложить на бизнес. Топливо может подорожать

In the Oil and gas Association of Ukraine estimated the cost of creating minimum reserves of oil and oil products at $1 billion.

In Minicargo continuing development of model minimum inventory of crude oil and petroleum products (SNN), obligations which Ukraine assumed as part of the implementation of EU directives. MSN must be formed before the end of 2022 and to consist of not less than 2 million tons of crude oil. However, the proposed relevant Ministry model stock can lead to a jump in prices, said in a statement the Oil and gas Association of Ukraine (NAU).

The findings online may 28-meeting of the working group established by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on energy and utilities, proposed by Minamaneho operating model MSNN, according to which the creation, hosting, and maintaining 60% of the stock is vested in the constituent entities of the market, will lead to higher retail fuel prices for citizens and industry, say in Nov.

The business event will cost $1 billion. in addition, the performance of the obligations will further distort the competitive environment between legal and illegal participants of the market on which the instructions of the authorities will not be distributed.

In Nov, supporting the need to create MSNN, proposed a model according to which SNN will be 100% financed from state funds resulting from the payment of excise tax from produced in Ukraine and imported gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied gas, as well as through other sources (for example, loans under government guarantees) not prohibited by the legislation.

At NAU we are convinced that it is necessary to create MSN funds in the budget can be obtained as a result of increased large-scale struggle of law enforcement against illegal immigrants. And through balancing the rates of excise tax for petrol and liquefied petroleum gas to decrease for petrol and upwards – for liquefied gas, to offer to the Association.

In addition, according to representatives of the NAU, MSN should be equal to the 90-day average daily volume of import of oil and oil products or the 60-day volume average daily domestic consumption. The proportion of crude oil and motor fuels in the reserve should be 30/70 and the ratio of diesel and gasoline – 62/38. These proportions, stated in the message, spelled out by the Directive 2009/119 / EC and Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2008.