The EU adopted one of the most important declarations on the protection and freedom details

В ЕС приняли одну из важнейших деклараций о защите и свободе: подробности

The EU leaders adopted a Joint Declaration in Sibiu, where the informal summit of heads of state. This was reported in the edition UNN.

European leaders adopted the Declaration of Sibiu as a result of negotiations, which took place today, may 9, in Romania.

It is known that the document has 10 points, which contain promises to the citizens of the EU.

This Declaration is signed by representatives of 27 European countries. It is noted that the UK representatives in the decision was not involved.

“The challenges we face today affect us all. We will continue to work with our partners in the world to maintain and develop a rules-based international order, take maximum advantage of new trade opportunities and work together to solve global problems such as environmental preservation and combating climate change,” reads one of the paragraphs of the document.

But first and foremost, the document contains commitments on joint protection and commitment to the European way of life and also democracy and the rule of law.

Also, the document refers to fairness in the labour market and social services, the support of the international legal order and trade development.