The EU can block the entry of the Americans, Russians and Brazilians – NYT

ЕС может заблокировать въезд американцам, россиянам и бразильцам, - NYT

USA also not yet open external border for Europe

The countries of the European Union, despite the efforts to revive the economy and open borders after several months of quarantine, ready to allow its territory is not all. The restriction on entry may continue for the citizens of the U.S., Russia, and Brazil.

The Americans can block the entrance due to the fact that “the United States are unable to control this evil.” By the way, now fixed coronavirus infection in more than 2.3 million Americans, more than 120 thousand people died (from the beginning of the epidemic in the United States).

In the preliminary document on the entry permit from July 1, also fails to mention Russia and Brazil. The formation of the list of countries for which the ban on travel to the EU will be lifted, depends on the situation in the fight against COVID-19.

It should be noted that to admit the territory of the EU are ready of tourists from China and developing countries such as Uganda, Cuba and Vietnam.

The NYT reminds that the prohibition of Brussels on the entry of the Americans is a reflection of how States fought the spread of the virus. So, in March 2020, when Europe was consumed by the pandemic, the US President, Donald trump has banned citizens of most European Union countries to visit in America.

At the time, about 1,100 Americans was discovered and the infection was already recorded 38 deaths. The US border for residents of the European Union are still closed.

According to experts, a ban on the entry of American travelers to Europe will have significant economic, cultural and geopolitical implications. But the US can overcome the ban, as Brussels plans to revise the document every two weeks.

ЕС может заблокировать въезд американцам, россиянам и бразильцам, - NYT

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