The EU forms its own army: which state in the list and whether it is Ukraine

ЄС формує свою армію: які держави у списку і чи потрібно це Україні

Nine countries signed an agreement on the establishment of a European force military response, the newspaper “Express”.

The initiative for the establishment of joint armed forces in Europe, supported by France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Spain, Portugal and the UK. The agreement was signed by defence Ministers of these States.

The project does not envisage the creation of individual units, ready for military action, but only the holding of joint military exercises and exchange of information between the General staffs. “Through the exchange of information between the General staff and joint military exercises, we will develop a European strategic culture, — said the Minister of defence of France, Florence Parlee. — Be ready to anticipate the crisis and respond to them.”

However, the representative of France noted that, in the framework of the mentioned initiatives can co-operate in crisis situations non-military nature, for example in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters.

The plans of the Europeans are discussing with a military expert Alexey Arestovich and head of the Center for military and legal researches of Alexander Musienko.

— In your opinion, what is the reason for nine European countries to form joint a European military response?

Alexander arestovich: — first, the fact that Europe itself increasingly merged. In particular, there are serious integration processes at the level of ministries of Finance, ministries of foreign Affairs, ministries of defence. Second, the deteriorating relations between the United States and Europe. We understand that NATO is first and foremost the United States. Europe needs a power tool to protect their interests. Every time to be a debtor to the United States she does not want. Europe wants to become more independent. And what independence it can have political Union without power the components? Therefore, the countries of Old Europe decided to create their own defense forces that could be applied, following the decision of the Executive bodies of the European Union, and without looking back at Washington.

A. Musienko: — This is not a new idea. From time to time in Europe there have been discussions that further the integration of European States provides for the creation of its security and defense space. When there is a common border, when there is a common customs area (the Schengen area), it is natural to have a common defence policy.

In addition, in recent years has increased the terrorist threat by some countries and groups. Many European countries are experiencing it, especially, after the Russian aggression against Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. Know also was given to statements by the U.S. President that Europe needs to Fund its own defense and that the United States can reduce their military presence there.

In the end, now have a greater role in Europe, politicians who believe that the EU must be active military and political power, such as weighty as the US, China and other large Asian States. Finally, the Europeans went beyond the conversations, discussions or statements. It was decided at the EU level.

What European countries are now more interested in the creation of a common defense space?

Alexander arestovich: — France (it has the largest army in the EU — more than 220 thousand troops), Germany (she has the second largest army of more than 180 thousand), Spain, Portugal, Italy. By the way, Italy, which has not signed the agreement, have already declared their interest in participating in the project. The fact that Britain, going to Brickset, joined this agreement can be explained by her desire to maintain leverage over Europe.

Countries that cooperate closely with the United States in the defense sector are unlikely to join. In particular, Poland, Romania, the Baltic States, for which more actual Russian threat, tend still to NATO. Whatever doubt now called the American security umbrella, only she can today and in the foreseeable future to give Europe a powerful defense.

A. Musienko: — I Think, interested in participating in this project can be and Greece. Indeed, in recent years the Greeks say that Europe should have its own military bloc.

And Ukraine, in your opinion, would be to join the military community?

Alexander arestovich: I Think so. Ukraine should join the European defense Alliance, to offer its military component. This is a unique way to a United Europe. And Russia in this case, do not blame that join NATO.

— How do you see the prospects of European joint military force? What tasks they can be to the teeth?

A. Musienko: — a Joint force military response would be able to respond to the terrorist threat in Europe, to jointly protect the EU’s external borders, to patrol the Mediterranean sea and to control the flow of refugees from the Middle East, to counter hybrid attacks in Russia.

As for me, the chances for the establishment of a European force military response is high. Only considering the European bureaucratic procedures, it may take some time.


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