The EU has responded to Lukashenka’s statement about “blacks and geltonoji” the NATO soldiers

В ЕС отреагировали на заявление Лукашенко о "чернокожих и желторожих" солдатах НАТО

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in an insulting tone spoke about the countries-members of NATO and warned its citizens from supporting them.

Speaking to his supporters on Independence Square in Minsk on 16 August, he noted that Belarus should not become a “sanitary zone” between East and West. In particular, Lukashenka was outraged by the idea of building a human chain of 300 thousand people from Vilnius to Kiev, reports the observer.

“This “lancp” – a cordon Sanitaire, which we destroyed in the mid-90s. And that hate us in the West. We must not become sanitary zone between East and West. We should not be a latrine for Europe”, – said the Belarusian President.

After this quite strongly, he spoke about NATO troops and those in them is, saying that Belarus allegedly with them along the way.

“We don’t need overseas government, we need their leadership. We offer soldier of NATO black, and blond geltonoji”, – said Lukashenko.

The head of Lithuanian foreign Ministry called false words Lukashenko that NATO moves troops to the border of Belarus.

“The recent statement of the former President of Belarus about the growing number of NATO troops and the presence of armed forces on the borders of Belarus is a lie. It seems that he desperately tries to prove to the call for aid to Russia and completely destroy the independence of the country. Pathetic,” wrote lynas, Linkevicius on Twitter.