The EU is going to recognize the Ukrainian system of certification of seeds is equivalent to European

ЕС собирается признать украинскую систему сертификации семян эквивалентной европейской

The European Commission suggested the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to recognize the Ukrainian system of seed certification is equivalent to EU requirements.

This is with reference to the text of the proposal of the European Commission of April 7, reported the press service of “Ukrainian club of agrarian business”, transfers “European truth”.

“This document has specified that by results of carrying out a European Commission examination of the legislation, in Ukraine there are norms provide the same level and order of examination of seeds, identification, marking and control, as in the EU”, – stated in the message.

In particular, the proposals of the European Commission speaks of the advisability of recognition of the Ukrainian seed and solutions to its circulation on the territory of the EU, and promoting seed trade between Ukraine and the EU.

The document also notes that the investment of European companies in the cultivation of seeds in Ukraine will allow to diversify the production capacity across Europe and reduce the risks of production in the same climate zone, and the recognition of equivalent certification systems would help to support the consistent supply of high quality seed in the EU.

“The issue of recognition of a system of seed certification was repeatedly raised during the meetings of the government, the Ministry of economy, Ministry of foreign Affairs, seed businesses and associations with representatives of the European Union, mentioned about the positive results that were confirmed by audit of EC, and says the decision”, – said Oleg Nesterov, a coordinator of the committees of the ASTP.

ЕС собирается признать украинскую систему сертификации семян эквивалентной европейской