The EU should give a powerful response to the escalation in the Donbas – MEP

ЕС должен дать мощный ответ в связи с эскалацией на Донбассе - евродепутат

First Vice-President of the European Parliament delegation in the parliamentary Association Committee EU – Ukraine viola von Cramon expressed deep concern about the deteriorating situation in the Donbass.

Von Cramon urged the EU to give a strong and decisive response to the escalation and to support the people of Ukraine, reports UKRINFORM.

“Despite encouraging attempts to establish contact between Ukraine and Russia in the past year, the situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine once again has been escalating and reached, unfortunately, high-level clashes. Yesterday, Russian-backed rebels deliberately attacked the Ukrainian positions near the settlement gold with the use of forbidden heavy weapons,” – said in a press release, which is available to the Agency.

European politician reminded that the protracted conflict, which lasts for the sixth year, took 13 of thousands of lives and made refugees of over a million people, with a significant number of Ukrainians in the Donbass continues to live in conditions of constant danger and violations of basic human rights.

“This new wave of violence could derail the fragile peace agreement and to stop the progress made in recent months. A peaceful solution to the conflict has no alternatives – while respecting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The EU should give a strong and decisive response in support of the Ukrainian people and its government needs to revive efforts for a peaceful restoration of the territorial integrity of the country,” said viola von Cramon.

As reported, on the morning of 18 February, armed forces of the Russian Federation attacked the units of the United forces near settlements Novotoshkovskoe, Orekhovo, Crimea, farm Free, Popasnaya. As a result, one Ukrainian military was lost, five injured.