The EU supports the draft law “On internal water transport”

ЕС поддерживает законопроект «О внутреннем водном транспорте»

Before the vote, the Verkhovna Rada on the draft law “On internal water transport”, the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Matti Maasikas and the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley during an online press conference discussed progress in the development of the Law “On internal water transport”, prepared taking into account EU standards as envisaged by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

“Ukrainian river network has the potential to become the basis of a modernized transport system of Ukraine. However, this requires reforms and a new law would be a first step”, – said the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Matti Maasikas.

With the aim of supporting the Ukrainian authorities in the reform of inland waterways in Ukraine in January 2019, the European Commission launched the project “Promotion of transport development of the Dnieper river”. Now assisted in the drafting of a new Law “On internal water transport” and other legislative acts, as well as in training and capacity building of various government structures to fulfill their functions related to inland water transport, necessary for the functioning of the sector at the appropriate level.

The team of the EU funded project is also helping the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine in the preparation of the Strategy of development of inland water transport of Ukraine and the Plan of transport development of inland waterway of the Dnieper river, which is a long-term plan for the development of the river to determine, among other things, the necessary investments from the state.

In turn, Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley explained some of the specific benefits of the Law “On internal water transport” for Ukraine: “firstly, we expect growth in volume of cargo transportation from the current 12 million tons to 30 million tons per year economic effect for the state to 13-16 billion a year. Second, the development of shipbuilding will contribute to creating new jobs and attracting domestic and foreign investment. Thirdly, the adoption of this law will help relieve the road, since the transport of 1 million tons of cargo on inland waterways for 4 years will reduce the spending on road repairs by 1 billion hryvnia, because two barges and one tugboat can transport as much cargo as 250 trucks”.

The adoption of the Law “On internal water transport” will contribute to increasing access to the transport market and the liberalization of the inland waterway market, better integration of inland waterway transport in the national and global network of companies in the supply chain, creating the appropriate conditions for private investment in the reconstruction and construction of river ports, the implementation of the regulation of inland waterway transport, ships, rivers and waterways, providing a clear legal status and river ports and terminals, inland water transport infrastructure.

Ukraine has a potential of 4000 km of inland waterways, but in fact uses less than 10% of the capacity of a river transport. Ukraine has a significant potential to increase inland water transport.

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