The EU wants to create a single market data by limiting the influence of transnational corporations

ЕС хочет создать единый рынок данных, ограничив влияние транснациональных корпораций

According to Reuters, the European Union wants to create a single market data, to challenge the dominance of tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, according to the proposal of the European Commission.

The draft document, which includes the regulation of major online platforms and may be changed prior to the submission of February 19, underlines the determination of the EU to oppose the U.S. monopoly of technological coprorate owning huge amounts of data.

Currently, a small number of large transnational corporations keeps a significant portion of the world data. This is a serious disadvantage for the business based on information for the emergence and growth of innovation today, including in Europe, but there is a huge opportunity , “- said in the document containing the offer.

The document is 25 pages also emphasizes the urgency of the task ahead.

Such competitors as China and the United States, quickly implement innovations already present their concepts of access and usage around the world“, – stated in the message.

The document States that, taking advantage of the huge number of industrial, professional data and technological innovation in Europe, the unit can move forward.

According to the proposal, the main goal is to “create a common European data space, the true single market of data”.

Measures to achieve this goal include a number of new rules relating to cross-border use of data, interoperability of data and standards related to production, climate change, automotive industry, healthcare, financial services, agriculture and energy.

Other rules in the coming months will open more public data on the geospace environment, meteorology, statistics, and other data of companies across the EU for free use.

The paper also proposed to exclude the relevant competition rules, which prevent communication. It is supposed to restrict the unilateral imposition of major online platforms conditions of access and use or receive disproportionate benefits.

The European Commission and the group of experts established last year to assist it, now learn a huge amount of data collected by transnational corporations and how they use and exchange of information.

Based on this fact, the Commission will consider how best to address more systemic issues, including by the provisional regulation, if necessary, to ensure that markets remained open and fair“, – the document says.