The EU was awarded the best regional projects

ЕС наградил лучшие региональные проекты


Five projects from different parts of the EU won the awards of the prestigious European competition “Stars of the regions” (RegioStars). The competition was attended initiatives that help create jobs, improve the lives of people at the regional level.

The award ceremony in Brussels was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the actions of the EU, European cohesion policy, focused on the harmonization of economic development of regions. The winners received awards from the hands of the leading MEP Kerstin Westphal.

Among the winners – Finnish project TeKiDe technologу, its implementation is carried out near Helsinki.

Marjo Määttänen, project coordinator : “We are trying to develop a circular economy, developing a new approach to textile production, and this is our find.”

Compostable cotton Finnish professionals turn in material, similar in its properties to viscose. Technology has allowed us to minimize the use of chemicals and significantly reduce the volume of polluting emissions.

Marjo Määttänen, coordinator of the project: “So we can leave our children a planet in better condition to save her.”

Corina Cretu, European Commissioner for regional policy: “I’m a big fan of the exchange of experience and best practices. We see that in the EU, this process is gaining momentum. This allows to achieve concrete results, create new jobs,”

Lambert van Nistelrooij member of the European Parliament: “the Best project in the field of cultural heritage is recognized as a project to promote the Welsh language and heritage (Nant Gwrtheyrn) in Wales”.

Jim O’rourke, project coordinator: “the Last 40 years we have been promoting the Welsh language. The centre of Nantes, Goran – a place where adults can undertake its development.”

The centre was opened on the site of an abandoned mine. He gave impetus to the development of nearby settlements.

Jim O’rourke, coordinator of the project: “‘European funds connect with when you articulate the dream, the vision that can change lives. Are you looking for money… at some point get them from the EU. It happened to the Welsh language. We came to a dead village where no one lived, we managed to breathe life into it, to rebuild, to create a dynamic community. In our center employs 30 people”.

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the regions: “All award-winning initiatives can be a source of inspiration for others. They clearly show that Europe should not be afraid, Europe is the territory of hope”.

Spanish Murcia won the award in the category of “immigrant”.

Javier Lorente Celdran, Minister for employment autonomy of Murcia: “Our project is a kind of step by step instructions to aid the refugees. How to provide them the necessary shelter, medical care, how to give them the skills to enter the labour markets”.

At the ceremony via teleconference were made by the Syrian refugee Mohamed Tarek, Galavi.

Mohamed Tarek, Helawi, a refugee: “‘This program really helped me and my family. We left the horrible memories behind.”

Javier Lorente Celdran, Minister for employment autonomy of Murcia: “With the support of EU funds, we have developed a comprehensive approach to the problem. Refugees are not just numbers, costs, is primarily people. Those who experienced the dramatic events. With our help, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The five winners also included the Czech project helping the poor to get social housing, and the Portuguese initiative for the development of IT business in rural areas.

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