The European championship on biathlon: Pidruchny won the bronze medal

In Raubichi (Belarus), awarded the first medal of the European championship on biathlon. Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchny won a bronze medal in the super sprint.

Race results

1. Sergey Bocharnikov (Belarus)
2. Adam Vaclavik (Czech Republic)
3. Dmitry Pidruchny (Ukraine)

15. Ruslan Tkalenko (Ukraine)
23. Pryma Artem (Ukraine)

What is a super sprint?

View of the biathlon race, which consists of two separate competitions, held one day: “super sprint – qualification” and “super sprint – finals”.

In qualifying start separately with a difference of 15 seconds, a distance of 3 km with two firing lines.

Every shooting sportsman 1 spare. If after 6 shots remained open target, then the athlete runs the penalty loop is 75 meters.

30 best go to the final. The final of the men’s super sprint race broke three Ukrainians – Dmitry Pidruchny, Ruslan Tkalenko and Brendan.

1-4 hours after the start of the qualification the final part of the competition. Both men and women run mass start: five rounds at 1000 meters with four shootings.

Pidruchny won a bronze medal: video