The European Commission announced the beginning of a “hydrogen revolution”

Еврокомиссия объявила начало "водородной революции"

The European Commission has prepared two strategies in the energy sector in particular provides for the adoption of clean and renewable energy carrier on the basis of hydrogen technologies.

This was at the end of the session, the European Commission said its Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans, reports UKRINFORM.

“We are pleased to introduce two strategies that are crucial in the framework of the” Green agreement”… we are Talking about further integration of energy systems and the hydrogen strategy. These strategies will allow the EU to maintain the technological leadership in the world, to provide European consumers and industry clean, safe and competitive in price dimension of energy”, – said the representative of the European Commission.

He noted that all European countries are confronted with significant economic decline as a result of coronaries. At this time, the EU should focus on the innovative development and the responses to long-term challenges. The main reference should be the “Green agreement”, the EU along with the digital transformation and to improve the sustainability of each of the member countries.

“If we want to become climate neutral continent by 2050, we need to shift our energy from carbon to net sources. We are talking about creating a new system that will encompass both production of energy and its consumption. The current energy system is already a relic of the past, it is too costly and harmful to sustainable development in the future, ” added Timmermans.

Presents?? the strategy of energy integration involves the combination of various energy carriers, energy infrastructure and consumption sector with the purpose of optimization of expenses and increase efficiency across the industry. For example, to heat buildings can use the heat produced in the process of industrial production, and electricity, which drive cars will come from solar, hydrogen energy carriers will be produced on hydrolysis plants using energy of wind farms offshore.

This strategy generally covers 38 innovative integration of the entire energy system of the EU, which will significantly reduce consumption of carbon energy carrier. The Commission proposes a number of financial incentives to encourage industrial and domestic consumers to use renewable sources of clean energy. Appropriate legal proposals before the end of the year, and new regulatory rules in the EU gas market the European Commission will propose in 2021.

The second area – the so-called hydrogen strategy “decarbonization” of the industry, transport, energy production and domestic use. According to Timmermans, Europe is the world leader in hydrogen technologies and for the production of hydrogen energy carrier expects to use clean energy from wind and solar power plants.

The European Commission representative noted that, until 2024, the EU plans to create a station electrolysis with the capacity of at least 6 gigawatts, which will produce up to one million tons of hydrogen. In the period of 2025-2030 years hydrogen should be the primary component of the integrated power system, the power stations hydrogen hydrolysis is expected to grow to 40 gigawatts with a capacity of up to 10 million tons of pure hydrogen. In the subsequent period between 2030 and 2050 hydrogen should become the EU main energy resource and replace the carbon media, even in those sectors that are difficult to processes of decarbonization.

To achieve these ambitious objectives the European Commission announced the creation of the European Alliance of pure hydrogen, which will bring together representatives from industry, civil society and the private sector, government and regional authorities will provide the necessary financial support from the European investment Bank.

According to Timmermans, efforts towards innovative transformation in the European energy sector, are an important part of the recovery package after coronaries “EU – the Next generation”.