The European Commission pledged at the “Nord stream-2”

В Еврокомиссии дали обещание по "Северному потоку-2"

German MEP Manfred Weber promises that they would try to block construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. He is an official candidate for the post of European Commission President from the European people’s party and has a good chance.

Weber explained that it did not support the idea of building the “Nord stream-2”, because the project is not in the interests of the EU and could hurt him, according to Polska Times.

He also added that as the head of the European Commission “will use all available laws to block this pipeline”. The publication notes that its position does not correspond to the position of the German government. There are supported the “Nord stream-2” partly because of the economic benefits it can bring.

I am not a German candidate to head the European Commission, and are the candidate of the European people’s party

he explained his position.

Note the polls before elections in Europe on may 23-26 show that the EPP will remain the largest party in the European Parliament. At the same time, Manfred Weber has a good chance to become the President of the Commission.

What is the “Nord stream-2”?This is the second branch of the already existing “Northern stream”. His project involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Pipeline building not only in order to spread its influence in Europe, but to get around transit fees Ukraine. “Nord stream-2” starts in Russian Vyborg, runs across the Baltic sea lies between the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and finally ends in the German Graysville. In General 1230 kilometers. Already built around 978 miles.

Against the construction of the gas pipeline were made by Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, USA and Denmark. Experts are convinced that from the point of view of profitability – this is not a profitable project. In addition, there are claims that the emergence of the “Nord stream-2” will increase the EU’s dependence on Russian Gazprom, which already supplies about a third of the volume of gas in the EU. By the way, Ukraine after the launch of “Nord stream-2” will lose not only the income from the transit of blue fuel, but also geopolitical leverage.

В Еврокомиссии дали обещание по "Северному потоку-2"