The European market opens for Ukrainian poultry

Европейский рынок открывается для украинкой курятины

The European Union has partially lifted a ban on imports of poultrymeat from the entire territory of Ukraine, introduced a few weeks ago.

Wrote about this on his page on Facebook the Ukrainian Ambassador to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii.

“Request of the Ukrainian side about the lifting of the ban on the import of poultry not affected with bird flu the territory of Ukraine and the relevant draft decision prepared by the European Commission, was today, February 14, addressed member States at the meeting of the PAFF Committee (Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee),” wrote Tochitskii.

According to him, the decision adopted by a qualified majority of representatives of member States of the EU”, that is, not all countries have supported the decision. The decision should be published in the EU Official journal and enter into force.

“This means that the EU has listened to our arguments about the need to use the tool of regionalization instead of blocking exports of chicken meat from the entire territory of Ukraine. This also means that the European Commission and member States trust the measures taken by the Ukrainian partners”, – said the Ambassador.

Trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka also confirmed the Commission’s decision in the zoning case of bird flu in Ukraine.

“Indeed, the decision was not unanimous because several member States are dissatisfied with the progress in cooperation with Ukraine on other issues. This is a normal reaction because in the field of sanitary and phytosanitary between Ukraine and the EU have a number of issues that require progress. Our priority for this year is to maximally remove all the problematic issues in this sphere”, – he wrote in Facebook.