The European Parliament voted for cancellation of transfer of hours from 2021

Европарламент проголосовал за отмену перевода часов с 2021 года

The European Parliament on 26 March voted in favor of ending the practice of adjusting the hours on the hour in spring and autumn (daylight saving time) in the European Union in 2021. This is the website of the European Parliament.

For a decision voted 410 MEPs against, 192, 51 abstained

The legislative initiative was put forward by the European Commission proposed to abolish the transfer clock in 2019. The deputies suffered a period of two years, the EU member States and the Commission managed to take coordinated solution that will not jeopardize the European market.

According to the document, each country of the European Union in 2021 can decide what time to leave on a permanent basis – summer (the latter a translation of the arrows in March) or winter (October).

The vote MEPs will be the basis for discussions with the EU in preparation of the final Directive.

August 31, 2018, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said that the European Union intends to abandon daylight saving time after the online survey, the majority of Europeans were in favour of its abolition.

The EU has unified the translation of hours in 1980 to provide a coordinated approach to the functioning of the common market, as national practice entering DST diverged. The current Directive requires EU countries to translate arrows on an hour forward on the last Sunday of March and back to standard time on the last Sunday of October.

The Ministry of economic development of Ukraine zavlady that can cancel the transition to summer and winter time follow the European Union.