The European Parliament wants to create a European financial police and intelligence

Европарламент хочет создать европейскую финансовую полицию и разведку

The European Parliament adopted on Tuesday a detailed “road map” to ensure a fair and effective taxation and the fight against financial crime.

The recommendations were adopted by an overwhelming majority of 505 votes in favor, 63 against, and 87 MEPs abstained.

The document was prepared by a special Commission.

Recommendations are offered to restructure the system of combating financial crime, fraud, tax evasion, in particular by “a significant improvement of cooperation in all fields between the respective multiple administrations, the establishment of new bodies at European and world level”.

Proposals include the immediate development of the European Commission to create a European financial police and the European financial intelligence units.

Proposes the creation of a special body to combat money laundering and the creation of a UN tax on the world level.

The document States that seven EU countries – Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands “have certain characteristics of tax Raykov and facilitate aggressive tax planning.”

Recommendations call for gradually ban “Golden visas” and “Golden passports” issued to wealthy foreigners Malta and Cyprus.

In the approved by the European Parliament on the proposals draws attention to the call to better protect public alarm sirens, and investigative journalists, which, according to the authors of the recommendations should be created a special European Fund.