The European poverty were: Ukraine stops the output of the BTR-4

Нищета европейской стали: Украина прекращает выпуск БТР-4

Russian armored vehicles were better than the European replacement.

Zhytomyr armored plant has stopped production of the BTR-4, with a corps of European steel. The reason for stopping production was the refusal of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine in the purchase of armored vehicles, designed according to Euro-American models and patterns.

The leadership of the Zhytomyr armored plant believes that the requirements of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine to be met by armored vehicles, are “archaic”, and statements about the unsuitability for combat use of the products of the countries of the European Union and NATO are the Zhitomir designers is absurd.

However, a number of military experts believe that the true causes of the failure of the Ukrainian military from European materials and is an example of the phenomenon of Shine and poverty of European steel.

The BTR-4, received in the Ukrainian army code name “Bucephalus”, after the horse of Alexander the great, was developed in late 2000-ies, in response, the Ukrainian engineers on a range of Russian armored personnel carriers BTR-82 and BTR-82A. The main goal of the designers was the creation of the armored vehicle, which would combine the best qualities of Soviet and NATO equipment. However, instead it went a mediocre armored vehicle. BTR-4 is heavier than the BTR-82 (21.5 15.4 ton, the Russian analog), less tenacious, and due to the fact that the Ukrainian defence enterprises were all post-Soviet years in is simple, and the electronic components of the BTR-4 came out worse.

It should be noted that Ukrainian armored vehicles were nevostrebovannyj. In 2014, Iraq broke the prisoner before a contract with Ukraine for the supply of BTR-4 and returned 42 previously purchased armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian side. Instead of BTR-4 in Iraq chose to buy Russian armored vehicles.

In connection with the rejection of European steel, Ukraine temporarily stops the release of BTR-4 as long as the appropriate counterparts. Without Russian components and resources of the Ukrainian defense industry is doomed to extinction, as it is not able to work with European counterparts Russian technology. In order to overcome this problem, the Ukrainian authorities need to do the impossible – to make peace with Russia.