The European Union has expanded the list of tax havens

Евросоюз расширил список налоговых оазисов

The Finance Ministers of the countries of the European Union on Tuesday, February 18, expanded list of countries and territories that do not cooperate in the provision of information about offshore assets to the tax authorities. About it reports DW.

In a list added of Cayman Islands, Republic of Palau, Panama and Seychelles. Reportedly, they are not implemented in the agreed terms of tax reform, which pledged to spend. From November 2019 in a “black list” of tax havens were American Samoa, Fiji, GUAM, Oman, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, virgin Islands and Vanuatu.

In the “black list” was not made by Turkey, which has fulfilled most criteria of the European Union. While Ankara was to create the conditions for automatic exchange of information on tax matters with the EU until the end of 2019, but did not. Therefore, the country has received additional time to complete the necessary procedures.

For the first time appeared on the list of British overseas territory of Cayman Islands. German MEP, member of the Bavarian Christian social Union, Markus Ferber (Markus Ferber) sees in this decision a warning to the UK, which came from the European Union.

Tax havens are, as a rule, small area, free economic zones or States (often island), where there is emergency registration and the preferential tax regime for local and, more importantly, foreign companies that register their foreign branches or holdings.

Евросоюз расширил список налоговых оазисов