The evacuation began: the trajectory of Mars threatened the Earth with total devastation

Эвакуация началась: Изменение траектории Марса грозит Земле тотальным опустошением

31 Jan Mars may collide with Earth or pass us at a critically dangerous distance – reported independent astronomer from Volgograd. Using the latest equipment, he came to the sad to the earth insights – Mars has dramatically changed the speed and trajectory of movement, with disastrous consequences.

Amateur astronomer from Stavropol, one year actively engaged in the Mars theme, has accused NASA of concealing critical information:

“The InSight Rover arrived on Mars is not just. The Americans said about the conduct of the tectonic and groundwater studies, which can shed light on the origin and movement of Mars and other planets – it would seem, at what here other planets? The study-conducted on Mars. Explain”

The problem of changing the trajectory of the red planet known but is actively hushed up, says the researcher. According to him, no wonder Americans are so often sent to their Mars probes, one every few years.

Description the mission of the probe InSight puts a fat point in this story – tectonic activities associated with drilling. Specialist says recent changes to the trajectory and speed of the red planet a collision with the Ground. The Americans, with their inherent short-sightedness of trying to solve the problem themselves, eventually getting the honor and respect, at the cost of possible destruction of the Earth.

It is known, the ratio of the orbits of our planets are very heterogeneous. Once in 780 days, the Earth and Mars are at a critically close distance from each other. This phenomenon is called Opposition, because the Earth stands exactly between the Sun and Mars, forming with them a single straight line.

Time in 15 years, the case of the so-called Great opposition when in perigee Mars is coming to us even closer. So, after Great opposition on 27 July 2018 Mars, perhaps due to the influence of gravitation of the earth or “of the other, an unknown cosmic body”, abruptly changed the trajectory and speed and went in a completely different, low orbit.

Because of this, he can return to Earth twice as fast as normal, after six months, at the end of January. But going on a new orbit that can “hook” the Earth or pass close, almost crossing the lunar orbit, which because of the greater than the moon, gravity, also has to the earth a total devastation.

The expert is sure, if you know NASA, isnet and world government. Moreover, it explains the fact of concealment – the global elite can now be evacuated from the Earth at a secret base in space or on the moon. This is confirmed by many statements of the same Mask, not just promising to start colonization of other planets. In addition, the Russian government called twenty-first century the century of space colonization.

Эвакуация началась: Изменение траектории Марса грозит Земле тотальным опустошением

Эвакуация началась: Изменение траектории Марса грозит Земле тотальным опустошением