The evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan

Началась эвакуация украинцев из Уханя

A Ukrainian aircraft will be transferred from the Hubei province 77 people. Of them 48 citizens of Ukraine and 29 foreigners.

Ukrainians and citizens of other countries, which evacuated the Ukrainian side of the Chinese Wuhan already boarded the bus, and some of them have already arrived in the airport terminals. On Wednesday, February 19, the press service of the Embassy of Ukraine to China.

It is noted that all evacuated 77 people. Of them 48 citizens of Ukraine and 29 foreigners.

The Embassy noted that he had completed all the preparations for the export of Ukrainian citizens from the city of Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province.

The first passengers of the aircraft of the Ukrainian special flight, which are sent from the most remote corners of Hubei province, on my way to the international airport. Citizens delivered to the international airport of Wuhan. Registration of passengers and Luggage on a special flight SkyUp.

The health Ministry said earlier that the evacuation should only be people who do not have symptoms of acute respiratory infection. Evacuated citizens of Ukraine will be placed on the observation at least 14 days.