The ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry killed himself

Бывшая девушка принца Гарри покончила с собой

Famous British TV presenter Caroline Flack has committed suicide. 40-year-old woman found dead in her London flat. According to the Sun, next month Flack had to stand trial on charges of assaulting her 27-year-old boyfriend Lewis Burton.

In 2009, Caroline was having an affair with Prince Harry. They were introduced by a mutual friend. However, the Prince and the star had to break up after their relationship was out in the press.

Later, Harry is married to American actress Meghan Markle. And Flack has had a number of novels – including singer Harry Styles, who was younger than her 14 years.

Caroline was the leading reality show “the Island of love” the X Factor”, starred in the TV series “Good!”, was a member of the show “Dancing with the stars.”