The ex-monarch of Spain flees the country amid corruption scandal

Экс-монарх Испании бежит из страны на фоне коррупционного скандала

Former king of Spain Juan Carlos, who is under investigation on charges of corruption, leaves the country. He stated in a letter to his son king Felipe VI, according to Euronews.

“Guided by the conviction in wanting the best for the Spanish people, their institutions, and you as a king, I tell you I weighed the decision to move at this time outside of Spain,” said the former monarch in his address to his son.

His decision to leave the country, he explained the reluctance to complicate the role of his son.

It is unclear when the former king leaves Spain or where he will go.

According to Spanish media, 82-year-old Juan Carlos has received millions of euros from the late king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Some of them he then allegedly transferred to a Bank account opened in the name of his former lady friend.

The lawyer ex-the king Javier Sanchez Junco said that his client will be available for prosecutors, and that his exile will not be a way for him to escape justice.

Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014, amid a series of scandals. His son, king Felipe VI, became his successor, and recently he is under pressure over allegations of corruption.

Felipe refused his personal inheritance transmitted him by his father, and has cancelled the annual stipend of Juan Carlos. This decision he took after the media has reported that he is beneficiary of an offshore account on which Juan Carlos is estimated 65 million € received from Saudi Arabia.

Felipe also denied that he knew about the alleged financial violations of his father.

We will remind, in June the Prosecutor’s office of the Supreme court of Spain launched an investigation against ex-king Juan Carlos on alleged money laundering.

The opening of the case is the result of a separate investigation concerning bribes allegedly paid to the Spanish consortium for the construction of Railways in 2011.

We are talking about the contract signed by Spanish companies for the construction of high speed railway in Saudi Arabia, connecting Medina and Mecca.

Swiss newspaper La Tribune claimed that the king received $ 100 million in bribes from Saudi Arabia.