The ex-President of “Spartak” called Smolov “the shame of Russian football”

Andrey Chervichenko believes that the striker “Krasnodar” and the national team of the Russian Federation “took a dump on the field” during the 2018 world Cup.

Экс-президент «Спартака» назвал Смолова «позором российского футбола»

The former President of “Spartacus” Chervichenko said that he did not like to speak about Fyodor Smolova. He called the player a “disgrace Russian football,” adding that in this matter there is nothing more to discuss.

According to Chervichenko, become the best scorer of the season could Dziuba, but not Smolov. It the former President of “Spartacus” is a person with positive character and a fighter.

Andrey Chervichenko to mention Smolowe said that the 2018 world Cup football, and no one saw a single game in his performance. While the rest of the players worked, then Smolov just walked on the field, and at the crucial moment “pile left in the middle of it.”

Recently, with the participation of Smolov, an accident here Chervichenko does not see anything strange. Player need to think more about sports and football mode, he said.

According to the former President of Spartak, pitch himself had buried itself. He never received an offer from a major European club, because he “treated pofigisticheski” to the world Cup. Chervichenko sure Smolov did not understand, where got.

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