The exchange rate of bitcoin skyrocketed in one day: “11 thousand dollars is not the limit”

Курс биткоина взлетел до небес за один день: "11 тысяч долларов - не предел"

Bitcoin exchange rate already exceeded 11 thousand dollars

The cost of bitcoin on the night of 22 June, for the first time since may last year reached $10 thousand, the Maximum cost of the most popular cryptocurrency – 10 of 839 dollars – was reached at 6:15.

That is, today one bitcoin is equal to 291 029,69 Ukrainian hryvnia.

“The price per bitcoin reached $ 10 thousand on the background information about the launch of virtual currency from Facebook Libra”, – said the President of the analytical Agency “Biznesprom” Arseniy Poyarkov comments in the “RIA Novosti”.

“Despite the fact that direct official exchange gateways between these currencies is not expected that the mere existence of such means of payment as Libra can significantly strengthen cryptonomicon as informal ways of sharing certainly will be. However, Libra is still at the launching stage, so the growth is speculative and the market can easily go down,” he concluded.

We will remind that in April the price of bitcoin has topped $5,000. Immediately there were optimistic forecasts, saying that “a bear market is finally over” and that “the bulls beat the hoof right around the corner.”

Then the price of the most well-known cryptocurrency stabilized at $5,000, and various analysts have been slow to contribute and to predict what will happen to bitcoin in the future. For example, the popular Crypto trader Thies believes that it is a sharp further rise in the price of cryptocurrency.

I wonder what has become known today that Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone (Mike McGlone), predicted in December 2018 the reduction in the price of bitcoin to the level of $ 1,500, again offers dire predictions, however, without indicating specific figures.

And cryptotriton and Twitter user @BTC_Macro believes that the bear market is not over.

How to write an expert in social networks: “do Not listen to those who say that we have nothing to fear. Still threatened. BTC could easily fall again to a new minimum annual values, even if you’ll pay $6 000. Now anything can happen. Don’t be a bear, don’t be a bull. Be firm and impartial.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the NBU is responsible for creating a national cryptocurrency.

Курс биткоина взлетел до небес за один день: "11 тысяч долларов - не предел"

Курс биткоина взлетел до небес за один день: "11 тысяч долларов - не предел"