“The execution of clients ‘interests Babikov”: Chornovil commented on the attack in the RRG

''Выполнение интересов клиентов Бабикова'': Черновол прокомментировала нападение на себя в ГБР

Participant of the revolution of Dignity, people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the eighth convocation Tatyana Chornovol caused serious damage due to attempts to ask the lawyer Yanukovych, first Deputy Chairman of the State Bureau of investigation Alexander Babikov about whether he plans to objectively investigate the “case of Maidan” and economic crimes Yanukovych, which are in the jurisdiction of the RRT. Now she requires prolonged treatment.

This Tatyana Chornovil announced during a briefing, said the press service of “EU”.

“I was recommended to watch this bunch will behave if after three weeks there is no improvement, you will need to do the operation. While the need to walk in this brace, as the plaster, fix it,” she said after a doctor’s appointment.

Also Tatiana Chornovol told about what is happening in the premises of the RRT during a briefing.

“I twisted my leg a fighting technique that made it special forces RRT intentionally. In my opinion, obviously, they had been ordered to reduce my activity. Even if I don’t do the operation, then three weeks, I’m not moving, and then another six months of rehabilitation. And if I do the surgery, then maybe it’s all in the year to stretch Well… so bring out the active opposition out of the game. Did this fighting technique, as the film shows – as the neck is twisted, captured, tied up and a bunch flew”, – said Tatiana Chornovol.

“It happened at a public event, where I waited their turn to ask a question. I waited my turn and filmed on the phone. Waited until asked the question by journalists. Honestly, these people behaved inappropriately. I was afraid they will do something and is thwarted briefing. I approached and told to leave, but I said I will not go, because I have every right to be at the briefing. I’m the people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation and I have some questions to Babikov,” – said Chornovil.

Tatiana Chornovol said that RRT is investigating the case about the attack on her during the revolution of Dignity.

“Babikov now have a case where I failed, and his former clients… My case has been investigated by artists, but by customers and organizers of my business in the process of investigation. It is the customers Babikova is the guard of Yanukovych, the poet and ex-President Yanukovych, they just came to investigate the case, but that former clients Babikov. I had a full right to know what is happening,” said Chornovol.

“I’m interested in the conflict of interest Babikov, who he will protect me, the victim, or their former clients and me so to speak to finish. They are not finished off, and now he will finish it? In principle, as it turns out, what I did to my leg is a well – run interests of customers Babikova – bard and company, Portnov, including, which, I believe, is presumably involved in the appointment of Babikov in RRG”, she added.

The people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation spoke about the economic industries according to Yanukovych, which is now investigating the RRG.

“Conflict of interest Babikova not only in the “square”, but also in economic Affairs on Yanukovych. We confiscated the funds of Yanukovych – $ 1.5 billion to the state budget, I was doing it, and now the client Babikov will ask to use the RRT tool and roll back to it… will Return the money to the Yanukovych or what?

There is another case on money laundering by Yanukovych in the amount of $ 7 billion. This business has until recently been under active investigation. The laundering occurred on the bonds, now these bonds when this government began the payment of the bonds, which are purchased Yanukovych. And there is a criminal case, which is important to someone to stop, including abroad, as the funds were laundered in the United States. And many other economic matters. My question to Bibikovo – if he was going to return the funds to Yanukovych,” she said.

Chornovol said that such repression was not even in the days of Yanukovych.

“I don’t like to be a victim, so I do not like to sue, but it needs to stop, because in our country this was not. I when Yanukovych came to his briefing, because he was a journalist, tried to be accredited, I was not allowed, but I went, I was carried out of the room, but his legs are not twisted, I even ask the question then have time” – she said.

“I was actually tortured as a person who can actively work and operate,” – said Chornovil.