The expert called TOP 5 apps for iPhone

Эксперт назвал ТОП-5 приложений для iPhone

The list includes: Fantastical 2, Safari, Dark Sky, Find My iPhone, Waze.

If your iPhone is recently acquired, then it is not important or just useful apps that make life easier. Of course, standard programs are also good, but they don’t all fit or do not like their some part. Yes, and they are boring, to be honest.

Therefore, regularly tops applications where can you find a list that describes the features and capabilities of the programs. Here and there another list of the best and useful apps for the iPhone from the expert. Named applications are not worse than their embedded counterparts.

Find My iPhone. A great app that will allow you to maintain your investment in valuable equipment. If the owner is inattentive or forgetful, it fits perfectly. It can be used to track the current location of the go and even get an audible notification of finding. In addition, the tracking works with other devices kupertinovtsy.

Waze. App for navigation. In addition to the standard route in the ability to track traffic in real time also allows repair of the pavement and change traffic signs. A great program for motorists who together update information.

Safari. Browser from Apple, which in 2019 took 2nd place for number of users in the world. An excellent opportunity research online, many working with information and web pages, good personalization and support for auto-complete forms.

Dark Sky. A good program for travelers who love to walk and other people going out into the countryside. Using geolocation the app knows the location of the owner and tells the exactly the weather info. Talk about wind speed, humidity, cloud cover, pressure and possible precipitation. Even the predictions at the beginning and end of rainfall are available.

Fantastical 2. This is one of the best calendars in the app store. A tremendous opportunity to create events and reminders, synchronization with social networks, interesting design. Plus a good ability to manage a widget: size, location, and more.

We should not forget about the growing segments of AR and VR. Now, of course, applications for them no special, all the more for the management of existing gadgets, but technology has come to the possibility of creating programs for a wide range of users.

Эксперт назвал ТОП-5 приложений для iPhone

Эксперт назвал ТОП-5 приложений для iPhone

Эксперт назвал ТОП-5 приложений для iPhone