The expert: Choosing an apartment in the building, it is necessary to ask whose money builds the house

Эксперт: Выбирая квартиру в новостройке, стоит поинтересоваться, на чьи деньги возводят дом

Kharkiv continue to invest in housing. According to experts, the last couple years, the apartment is slowly but steadily increasing in price, and the citizens who have not improved their housing conditions, in a hurry to do so quickly. The market situation has changed dramatically – “resale” is losing ground, and almost 50% of buyers opt for new buildings.

What nuances should clarify, when choosing an apartment in the building, shared with “Gorod” the first Vice-President of the construction company “Construction Group International” Evgeny Gutka.

According to him, in the first place good to ask, whose money built the house.

– To build, need Finance and construction companies have three ways: they can attract investors, take a Bank loan or to build a house at his own expense. Investors in Ukraine go inactive, because the economic environment is not conducive. Loans – too expensive pleasure. If abroad, the construction home loan at 2-3% per annum, from us – 20% and for two years while you are building, you need to pay almost two to the loan, which ultimately affects the final cost of the apartment. Therefore, it remains only one way – to have own circulating funds for which to build facilities and to improve the living conditions of the citizens.

Is the price per square meter is the main indicator when choosing a Builder? That should alert the buyer?

There is such a thing as the cost of housing – it is all about the same, except that brick house a little cheaper, and the monolithic frame is a bit more. The percentage of profitability all developers, plus or minus the same. So the buyer should be alerted very low price, anything below $ 500-600 per square meter is building a pyramid.

When a Builder builds a house for the money, what is the benefit of the buyer?

  • In the absence of financial risks. Companies that build at the expense of borrowed funds, selling apartments on the level of the pit for half the cost, but when you start to kick the box and the money runs out the construction stops. And then these are unfinished, as a monument to incompetence. And when the company builds for their money is a guarantee that the facility will be completed and put into operation.

But what about financial returns? Still, the price of the apartment plays a role in the choice of housing

– Before to begin building, the company “Construction Group International” is the design documentation passes public examination of the construction of the object, after which it becomes clear what will be its cost. Then we can see which items can close on their own: the company has a highly qualified builders, own tools and welding facilities for steel fabrication. All this reduces the construction cost and the final price of a square meter.

And if you calculated and realized that means all is not enough, we reach the credits?

When the developer borrows money from a Bank, the object becomes the subject of a mortgage and construction company they have no control.In our case, the construction should be spent only money “Construction Group International”, and the object is in the possession of the company. That is, the buyer is absolutely no risk, all the financial risks borne by the company. But we have the so-called zone of financial stability that allows you to look to the future with great certainty. We know that if started to build – completed and commissioned. When the company invests in the construction of their money, this indicates a high degree of reliability of the developer and its excellent reputation. And we our reputation is very dear.

Residential complex “Diplomat” is also being constructed at the expense of the company? What is happening at the site?

Yes, the LCD “Diplomat” is based on current assets of our company. Now the builders block 9th floor and begin to draw a network. This year we plan to build a box of a building with the roof, close the Windows and producti all communications – gas, water, sewer. In the spring of next year, according to the plan, facade, finishing and landscaping – gardening, children’s and sports grounds. After that pass the object in SACC, which will take the building into operation. Usually a 16-storey house is built within one and a half to two years. The deadline for Astana – the second quarter of 2020.

Help. “Diplomat” is located in the heart of the Botanical garden.

Located 300 metres from the metro station.

Fundament: monolithic reinforced concrete construction, placed on a monolithic bored piles arranged in a solid pile field

Frame: monolithic reinforced concrete beamless slab thickness of 200 mm, based on vertical elements – columns, monolithic walls, cores

Multilayer exterior walls: ceramic brick, insulation, finishing layer of facing tiles of granite – ventilated facade system.

Interroom and interroom partitions – a brick ceramic.

“Construction Group International” – known in the company that is on the market for 30 years and this is the best guarantee that you are not “losing money”. In addition, until December 2019, the developer provides credit for the purchase of apartments.

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Эксперт: Выбирая квартиру в новостройке, стоит поинтересоваться, на чьи деньги возводят дом

Эксперт: Выбирая квартиру в новостройке, стоит поинтересоваться, на чьи деньги возводят дом