The expert explained that he expects Ukraine’s economy under President Zelensky

Эксперт разъяснил, что ожидает экономику Украины при президенте Зеленском

What awaits Ukraine if the Ukrainian President will be Poroshenko? Will there be economic growth if the President is Vladimir Zelensky. The Executive Director of the Bleyzer Foundation Oleg Ustenko provides answers to these questions.

The Ukrainian people are not just poor. He is poorer for the fact that everything possible was done to make it poorer.

The goal is to make this poor people ever, no one was (at least for a long time). Domestic players, which later became the puppet masters of the country, solved the task of self-enrichment and preservation of opportunities for them to continue to suck money out of the country. To ensure the possibility of its existence, the puppeteers had to create a “puppet theatre”. These dolls are to become members of the political class of Ukraine. Those who did not agree to the proposed conditions are either gone or they are gone. The system acquired a clear outlines of what is now known worldwide as “the Ukrainian oligarchic kleptocracy”. The phenomenon is unpleasant for the citizens of the country, but necessary in order to ensure the constant updating of the pockets of the puppet masters.

To do business in the country in which to ensure its survival it was necessary to maneuver between the interests of the puppeteers, is not possible. Therefore, any accusation that someone was forced to enter into a contractual relationship with the oligarchs or their representatives who created these terms, is not logical. The system drives all in the “stall”.

Drove the country into the imposed limits. Leave them and stay afloat – is not possible. Payback for all citizens – poverty. War is even more intensified this problem. If a blanket full of holes and of itself is one huge hole but you don’t zamatyvala – you will not be warm. And mend nezastavime not possible. Our poverty became unbearable disgusting. Especially after all the neighbors turned out to be much more rich. Especially after those who are in our old memory was much poorer and for whom we looked with favor suddenly began to prosper. And it’s not only those who belonged to the once “great and powerful”, and those who we used are constantly “fed food”.

Payment for the existing in Ukraine the situation was the preservation of the disgusting quality of the business climate, which continued to keep the country fully dependent on the situation on commodity markets. The situation is slightly better in these markets – we show the growth, a bit worse – we fall into the abyss.

The loss of the Ukrainian people in the annual measure in current prices is about $ 250 billion(!) It’s almost our 2-year’s GDP. Ie as in children’s problems – we could get 3 apples and got one.

We so impoverished that the mass protests resulted in mass migration. But, incredibly, it was interested in the puppeteers. Imagine what could be in the country, if about 5 million of the most enterprising, brave, angry and hungry would remain here. So they did. How would they be able to raise the degree of social tension in society. This. This was a bad dream puppeteers and their “political elites”. They agree even to the depopulation of the country in exchange for “a little bit more pozarym”.

The puppeteers are supported by all those who has stuck to them and fit into distorted realities. And blame those stuck impossible. They just want to survive. This instinct works in this way – to fit into this reality. To be built to survive.

The world has entered a new era of normality. Everything that was normal yesterday, is absolutely normal today. And here (on the background of this novelty), you receive the absolute Ukrainian phenomenon – Zelensky. He is not import. It is not like those others. He is a local product. He was going to materialize. If it was not Zelensky, it could be someone else. But he was bound to appear. Someone who comes from outside the system. Someone who blows up the framework.

It is not necessary to torment him with questions, what will he do in order to push the country into a completely new orbit. He did not focus on economic issues and on the SYSTEM. And they will affect the economy. The logical chain of subsequent events of the presidency Zelensky is simple. The Ukrainian economy is a bouncy ball, who was pulled underwater since 1991. He is so deeply under water that if you let it go, it will rush to the surface of the water. And then will jump above the surface. Ukraine gets a chance for a cosmic jerk. Even small shifts as the business climate will have a tremendous economic effect. Growth will exceed all expectations. The fight against corruption, public administration reform, regulatory guillotine, large-scale privatization, protection of property rights is only a small part of what will be done. This is exactly what will throw the ball high above the water surface.

People deserve a wonderful future! They should get a chance! This is the essence of Christian values! And values of most other religions. The resistance will be and already is huge. And it’s completely expected. A tectonic fracture has already occurred! The country will never be like it was! Still winning the presidential race, Zelensky had already changed it! The old “political elite” are shaking in convulsions! Benefit those of them who can fit into the new realities. Not under Zelensky, namely, in reality.

Ball under water for almost nothing! He’ll soon start its movement.

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