The expert explained what missiles Ukraine will hamper Russia: you Can get to the Urals

Эксперт рассказал, какими ракетами Украина сдержит РФ: Можно достать до Урала

In recent time, Ukraine is actively conducting missile tests: among them, the Neptune rocket, MLRS Alder and PTRC Thunder-2, said the former Deputy chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General of reserve, candidate of military Sciences, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Igor Romanenko, reports Glavred.

He explained that according to the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine was deprived not only of nuclear but also missile weapons.

“We had only the old Point with a range of 120 kilometers. And now we are reaping the fruits of this approach,” – said the expert.

He noted that the testing of missile weapons in Ukraine is progressing well.

“But the Ukraine is still still subject to restrictions – the range of our missiles may not exceed 300 kilometers. Neptune strikes the target at a distance of 280 kilometers. What can I say! Ukraine needs a rocket that would at least reach to the Urals and would cover the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Such missiles could be considered as weapons of deterrence”, – said the military expert.

He recalled that Russia has placed on the Eastern border of Ukraine missile systems Iskander, the range of which is up to 500 kilometers.

“Putin said that when Russia annexed the Crimea, she was ready to use tactical nuclear weapons in case of aggravation of the situation. Moscow tried to intimidate and Ukraine, and our allies. Of course, hearing this, the allies are said to Ukraine: “do Not worry, then everything will solve.” But as “solved” – we see…”, – said Romanenko.

According to him, this situation shows that Ukraine had to leave the operational-tactical missile weapon.

“I once commanded the anti-aircraft missile brigade, and we were armed with missiles with nuclear warheads – it was impossible to give. But we explained how it is right and good to voluntarily renounce nuclear weapons, saying, this is the first time in the world.

However, it should be understood that the units today tested a new missile weapons, and we need mass production of such missiles, which would, besides, would have extended range. After all, the US and Russia withdrew from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range. But from the Ukrainian side, which is forced to wage war against Russia and to defend, yet there was no complaints about what we get out of this contract. Is this normal?”, – said Romanenko.