The expert explained what will happen to the hryvnia after the election: “sudden collapse”

Эксперт рассказал, что будет с гривной после выборов: "внезапный обвал"

The specialist said, what will become of the hryvnia after the election

Sudden collapse to wait no need.

Economist Alex Kush said about this, you have to wait for the Ukrainians after presidential election which will take place at the end of March this years.

“The sudden collapse of the hryvnia does not protidiet, including the summer there smooth adjustment to the reduction will be constrained by currency interventions of the NBU,” – highlighted the expert.

In his words, the gain in this direction will be implemented as encapsulation by non-residents own speculative investments on the stock exchange government bonds, but also directly in proportion to the General economic slowdown.

Kusch indicated that among adverse conditions, and the inflationary “heating” of public “buns” one-time payment of retirement compensation and monetization of subsidies.

Remember, the latest international economic crisis is awful, the Ukrainian hryvnia, which will affect the financial stability of the country

This was announced by the expert of Department of sales of debt securities of significant investment firms Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa.

“Developing States, among which enters Ukraine, most suffer from the world financial crises. In case if there is an economic decline, it is very banging on the hryvnia, but will he and, if would, in this case, when is predskazat difficult,” he indicated.

Also Fursa more accurately identified, so that the collapse rate is able to reach 25-30 (35 UAH/$1 to this direction), and maybe more.

At the same time, the main specialist categories of companies Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin convinced that the international decline will be a factor “the horrific fall of the hryvnia”. In this case, there is a problem due to external responsibilities.

“If we will have the opportunity to refinance in order to make a way this (crisis) period, we can hold up to 33 hryvnias/dollar,” he highlighted.

As mentioned before, the national Bank does not give the national currency’s ability to grow. Officials with the morning I acquired in the interbank market about $10 million.

Morning auction in the interbank market opened a small dvuhkopeechnaya the appreciation of the dollar close up to 27.02-of 27.04 UAH./ However, in recent time it happened after the exchange rate return, which gave the possibility to the national Bank to implement a personal plan in accordance with the content inventory.

Эксперт рассказал, что будет с гривной после выборов: "внезапный обвал"

Эксперт рассказал, что будет с гривной после выборов: "внезапный обвал"