The expert revealed the truth about the growth of pensions in Ukraine: details

Эксперт раскрыл правду о росте пенсий в Украине: подробности

Pensions in Ukraine continues to grow steadily

This was stated by the head of the National Council of economic development Alexey Doroshenko says “Judicial and legal newspaper”. It is reported that the growth of Ukrainian pensions continues. In particular, for the year (April 2018) the average size of pensions increased by 15%. It should be noted that in some regions, pension payments increased by as much as 18%.

The list of the most affluent parts of the pension were:

Kiev. Here pensions rose during the year by 18.4%.

Kyiv region – 15.9%.

Lugansk region – by 17.2%.

Donetsk oblast – 16.1%;

Odessa oblast is 15.8%.

If to speak about other areas, the payouts in these regions has risen to 13-15,3%. The highest average pension recorded in the capital – 4059 UAH, and the lowest in Ternopil region – UAH 2201,59. Still quite slow the rate of growth of pensions in Chernivtsi, Rivne, Volyn and Transcarpathian regions.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine will change the formula for pensions.

The government reported that in accordance with the pension reform, the recalculation of pensions in March 2019, will be allowed to question people who have huge working seniority and low wages.

This became known from the words of the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva. Today in Ukraine more than 3 million people with full seniority. The law on General pension provisioning was set by the Verkhovna Rada on 3 October and took up in force on 11 October. The law indicates that the volume of pensions to any native of Ukraine is calculated in accordance with the latest formula and is dependent on insurance period, and in addition the amount of salary during the working period of life.

In early March, the Ministry of social policy within the framework of the pension reform announced that the planned introduction of several legislative changes in order when calculating pensions, the importance of experience was more than the importance of wages. Thus providing people with more experience will increase.

Эксперт раскрыл правду о росте пенсий в Украине: подробности

Эксперт раскрыл правду о росте пенсий в Украине: подробности