The expert said, as the color of the exhaust gas can determine the condition of the engine

Эксперт рассказал, как по цвету выхлопных газов можно определить состояние двигателя

When the need for rapid diagnostic work of the car engine, do not have to contact the service center or to completely disassemble the mechanism.

The technical condition of the motor can be easily determined by means of the exhaust pipe.

The color and consistency of the exhaust gas allows a high degree of probability to correctly assess the operation of the engine, to identify the defective combustion of the fuel or injected into the cylinder of the engine oil.

The types of exhaust gases of internal combustion engines. “Colored smoke” can be different shades: light blue or purplish-gray, thick white, viscous black.

In normal operation, the engine exhaust gases are invisible. You should also pay attention to the sound. The operation of the motor implies a smooth and clear sound. The very same exhaust pipe remains almost motionless, does not vibrate and does not twitch.

The blue smoke. When getting motor oil in the combustion chamber and burning it with the fuel appears purplish-gray smoke. Cause improper operation of the internal combustion engine in this situation are most likely to be: valves, rubber caps wear out over time and loses its elasticity.

Pistons, rings, gradually clogging when using low-quality fuel mixture and lose their mobility.

A distinctive feature will also be an increased flow of the combustible mixture and the engine oil. The engine can’t operate at full capacity.

White gas from the exhaust pipe. Inexperienced drivers sometimes confuse steam with white smoke. However, remains the main fact of running the engine. A night in the exhaust system of the engine is the condensation of water vapor. As soon as starts to work the engine, the muffler may emit white smoke, containing the accumulated liquid.

If the situation remains the same, most likely the fuel mixed with antifreeze and the mixture burns in the combustion chamber. To resolve this issue requires careful diagnosis and inspection cylinder head.

The causes of malfunction of the engine can be a few: breakdown of the gasket is eliminated only by the replacement with a new one; a defect or corrosion of the cylinder head. Quite a costly repair, it is assumed a full replacement of parts.

Black smoke from the pipe. With this problem faced by most owners of cars with a diesel engine. The main cause of failure is severe contamination of the injector, which is supplied and fuel mixture.

To violations of internal combustion engines attached: a significant increase of the fuel mixture, problems starting of the engine. Significantly decreases the power of the motor. To eliminate the cause, washing and purging of the injectors.

Less likely to cause that kind of situation could the electronic system of motor control, or rather her fault. The black color of the gases from the exhaust pipe caused by the presence of soot by incomplete combustion of fuel.

If the problem appeared immediately after visiting the gas station, the reason can be only one – poor-quality gasoline or diesel.

To maintain the health of the automobile engine it is urgent to get rid of the fuel mixture and rinse the entire system.