The expert said, in whose interests Gerus wants to postpone the launch of the electricity market

Эксперт рассказал, в чьих интересах Герус хочет перенести запуск рынка электроэнергии

Representative of the President of Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus, insisting on the postponement of the launch of a new electricity market, lobbying for the interests of the Ferroalloy plants of the businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

This statement was made President of the Association of energy of Ukraine Alexander Trohimets, reports “Business capital”.

“Delaying the implementation of the electricity market is very necessary to someone. And it is certainly not the population, kindergartens and hospitals, which is ridiculous trying to hide behind the President’s representative Andrew Gerus. The delay definitely need one user Ferroalloy plant of Igor Kolomoisky, whose interests actually lobbying Gerus,” wrote Trohimets on his page in Facebook.

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In addition, the head of the Association of energy of Ukraine skeptical about the prospects of the lobbying efforts of Igor Kolomoisky.

“Even that managed to push the decision to the Committee suggests that the bill, which will delay the market for 3 months, will be voted in the Parliament hall. There was only one plenary week, and the bill and is not included in the agenda of the session and votes for it is not. Therefore, the Ferroalloy plant of Igor Valerevich, you need to have to consider in their financial plans, the market value of electricity and its lobbyists – to switch to the promotion of laws that are necessary for the electricity industry and the country, not only the businesses of the oligarchy,” he said.

Earlier, a similar position was expressed by MP of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem, who in the column “Servants and oligarchs” for the magazine “Novoe Vremya” reported that close to President Vladimir Zelensky businessman Igor Kolomoisky is trying to “bury” the electricity market, since its launch threatens billions in losses.

“If the energy market is working, the price of electricity will increase, primarily for industrial consumers. In the production of ferroalloys and metallurgy, where the interests of Kolomoisky, it is up to 50% of the structure cost. The free market threatens the leader of the group “Privat” billions of dollars in losses. Now everything is done to this process to be postponed indefinitely,” – said the MP.