The expert said, is it worth buying a used Ford Mondeo

Эксперт рассказал, стоит ли покупать подержанный Ford Mondeo

Ford has gone from the Russian market, and with it a new automobile model. But the brand remained and still are of interest.

Whether after leaving Russia, the American brand to consider “Ford” used car to buy, if the budget is 0.8-1.5 million rubles, for example Ford Mondeo 5 2015 release? This was stated by the expert Peter Bakanov on the YouTube channel “AUTO PLUS”.

Russian Assembly Ford Mondeo 5 features adaptive suspension and, for some reason, uneven clearances. Factory “coupled with Ford’s” paint “too weak”. The most critical zones are the joints of the wing and the bumper, so without a screen protector, it is simply not enough, as the corners of the trunk lid.

Feature front brake pads Mondeo is that they often active braking crumble and “fly” a small rusty chips on the front doors. After a revocable campaign and installing the new diode headlights, their performance increased by 25%, but the cost of one of the lights grew to 90 thousand rubles.

Mondeo 5 is often blamed for a malfunction of the heated windshield, it is possible to “eccentricities” from the multimedia system, “climate” and accessories. “Birth luck” 5th generation Mondeo is “sagging” from heating in the sun the front panel of the salon and “migrating” the sources of the squeaks.

The “turbo”versions on the mileage 150 thousand km of the exhaust manifold starts to crumble, its fragments damaging the turbine blades. Replace the manifold and the cartridge of the turbine is 40 thousand rubles. Periodically wear out clutch shifters. Replacement costs from 15 thousand roubles.

With “aspirated” lucky. Timing kit is 10 thousand rubles, the replacement of required times for 250 thousand kilometers. The life of the unit is 500 thousand km, and Other small breakages. 6-speed automatic transmission 6F35 a series of reliable, resource of 150-200 thousand km, but demanding service.

In the winter you have to be careful with the aluminum bolts that hold electromotor power steering. They can burst, and in this case damaged the steering rack. Replacing a “pull” about 50 thousand rubles.

Thus, strong motor, box and suspension are reliable based cars, so to buy a used Ford Mondeo 5 is possible, but to operate it with the light of these characteristics, thus avoiding large-scale damage and costly repairs.

Эксперт рассказал, стоит ли покупать подержанный Ford Mondeo

Эксперт рассказал, стоит ли покупать подержанный Ford Mondeo