The expert spoke about the chances of candidates in district 25 in the river

Эксперт рассказал о шансах кандидатов на 25 округе в Днепре

In the election for the 25th district, which includes Cecelski and part of Amur-Nizhnedneprovsky district of the Dnieper there are only three major participants, the other candidates are obviously impassable or “technical” and will have a significant impact on the process

The leader of the race is independent candidate, non-partisan Maxim Kuryachii. His campaign began earlier than other candidates, which allowed him to lead and to keep the rating of preferences of voters 25 County. “It affects the pace and volume of work with people in the previous period,” she said.

Maxim Kuryachii has the experience of the parliamentary cadence in the Verkhovna Rada. The district is known for its program of socio-economic development Chechelovskoe and the ANDES-areas. In addition, he works closely using the “Pivdenmash” and design Bureau “South”.

Maxim Kuryachii

In second place with a gap is odious Deputy of city Council from “Gromadsky force” Zagid Krasnov, who in a short period has been in several scandals, which lowers its rating.

In her opinion, the red is “overworked” with its advertising, fingering party slogans and colors that desorientiert his electorate. In addition, he has proposed nothing new, that only confirms the thesis of his political “aging”, says Svetlana Kushnir.

Zagid Krasnov

Maxim Buzhansky surprised against his campaign: General slogans remain unclear, but people were expecting specifics. Instead, they offer standard templates with the presidential campaign, which is not very relevant for the early parliamentary elections.

I started the campaign with intrigue, Buzhansky quickly managed to lose the chance to get ahead. Most likely, the reason for this was overconfidence.

The problem Bogunskogo that it is not is nothing, no positive background which you can “sell” to voters. The man from nowhere with an empty “Luggage”: “in this political story is to not go” – the expert believes. In person people are disappointed in him, seeing his style of communication and not hearing what they expected.

Maxim Buzhansky

By the way, apparently “technical” candidate Andriy Bogdan, the boards of which dotted the County, increasing the visibility and increases the chances to get more votes for himself – “clone” “public Servants” than Bogunskogo. In any event, outdoor advertising has more than other participants by 25 district.

Among the other participants in elections in district 25, you can allocate one member of the city Council of the Dnepr Ruslan Vishnevetsky. Former faithful ally of the odious Alexander Vilkul, and then departed from the “Opposition bloc” in these elections was the typical “spoiler”, designed to “kill” the race leader Maxim Kuryachii, earning a reputation as a “mercenary”.

Ruslan Vishnevetsky

The remaining registered candidates will have no significant impact on overall election results. They are those figures which are designed to take votes away from one or the other favorite, concludes Svetlana Kushnir.

Эксперт рассказал о шансах кандидатов на 25 округе в Днепре

Эксперт рассказал о шансах кандидатов на 25 округе в Днепре

Эксперт рассказал о шансах кандидатов на 25 округе в Днепре

Эксперт рассказал о шансах кандидатов на 25 округе в Днепре