The expert told about the appearance of the teleporter and quantum computers in Russia

At this stage, the Russian Federation allocates 900 million rubles for the creation of a teleport, and quantum communication – 450 million roubles. The specialist told us how appropriate at the present time to engage in such developments.

Эксперт рассказал о появлении телепорта и квантовых компьютеров в России

Expert Yury Kurochkin told about the appearance of the teleporter and quantum computers in Russia. He believes that quantum processors have a right to exist in the future, but this development does not exclude conventional processor. But quantum computers and teleporters, far from us is exactly the same as in 1940 from the current developments.

It is known that the Creator of the first quantum computer could be Google, which will give their products to the U.S. government and China. Also, they can own IBM, Intel and Microsoft.

About quantum teleportation Kurochkin speaks more flattering. He argues that one particle scientists can already teleport, however, it is necessary to spend long years studying to get to move a living creature.

The judge said that the future quantum computers will need protection – quantum cryptography, which is already interested in Sberbank, Gazprombank. This interest and the Russian government, as the quantum of development do you expect threats that can attack the state important objects.

Now, talk about the real progress in quantum physics before. Scientists have studied them to the extent currently being researched black holes, that is, practically nothing. Therefore it is necessary to separate the fiction from real science.

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