The expert told how to check the battery status of the car

Эксперт рассказал, как проверить состояние аккумулятора автомобиля

The expert explained how to evaluate the battery condition (battery) of the vehicle.

First, you need to ensure good on-Board electrical equipment.

According to experts, using an electronic tester to measure the voltage at the battery terminal when the engine was running, the meter should show around 14 to 14.4 volts.

Lower numbers indicate possible problems in the alternator or the wiring of the car.

In turn, the voltage with the engine off and a fully charged battery should be about 12.6 to 12.7 volts. The readings on the tester at 12.3 volts and below indicate that the battery is clearly nedoskazany. If after recharging the battery will not recover, then it should be replaced, an expert has warned.

The most trivial way to test battery is to assess its status through a special eye, said the expert. “However, not all manufacturers set it, and the sense is not very much: it shows the level of the electrolyte and its density is only one Bank of six,” he added.

Sometimes to diagnose the battery closely enough to see if it cracks or stains, also told the expert. “This is especially true in winter, when there is danger of freezing of the electrolyte in a discharged battery. The resulting ice can distort the plates and battery case”, – he said.

In General, the average battery life depends on the nature of travel, weather conditions and condition of the car and is about four to five years, said the expert.

The battery life reduces the specificity of the drive in a modern city: energy cold starts in the morning, standing in traffic jams – enabled consumers, headlights, wipers, heater different.

“In this mode, the battery receives from the alternator less energy than it gives. Especially in the cold it doesn’t take a charge until heated through, and therefore is constantly discharged without receiving almost anything in return,” – said the expert.