The expert told how to recognize the deterioration of car wipers

Эксперт рассказал, как вовремя распознать изношенность автомобильных дворников

Every motorist knows that a worn wiper blades not only affect the appearance, but can scratch the glass.

Experts portal French edition Аutonews recalled the three unmistakable signs that the wiper time to change.

1.On the windshield there is a strip in places of movement of the wipers;

2.Unusual squeaks and noises during the running friction of the wipers on the windshield;

3.The lack of smooth movements, jumps and spikes the wipers when activated.

Experts remind that the average life expectancy janitors – one year-approximately 500, 000 times of usage (on average, this number is calculated on the basis of use of the wipers depending on the season and the bad weather in an average year).

It is recommended to change them every year to keep cleaning efficiency, as well as use them properly to avoid premature wear.

Only use a washer fluid windshield and avoid substitutes (water, soap, household chemicals). Use a spray bottle for regular cleaning of glass, it allows to avoid mud and sediment that can damage the wipers.

In the case of freezing, do not operate the wiper or the sprinklers before defrosting. This causes the wipers to come into contact with the gel, which damages the rubber.

Don’t forget to check that your sprinklers are not blocked. This prevents the exit of the washer, but can also build up around the holes, to cause fluid stagnation and blockage.