The experts gave their forecast of the dollar for next week

Эксперты дали прогноз курса доллара на следующую неделю

The course is close to the equilibrium level

Over the next weeks it is expected a slight growth of dollar rate against the hryvnia. Comments about this RBC-Ukraine said Vadim Iosub, senior analyst at Alpari.

“In a week the dollar on the interbank market may be trading close to 26.5 UAH and the cash dollar in banks will be quoted approximately 26.3/26,5 UAH”, – he said.

As pointed out by analyst, the dollar on the interbank market grew from Tuesday to Thursday, and on Friday slightly decreased.

“As for the cash dollar, it’s the last week mostly marked time, making quite a minor fluctuation in one direction and then the other. This behavior of course says that he is close to the equilibrium level” – the analyst of Alpari.

Over the past week on different segments of the currency market the dollar against the hryvnia has changed in different ways, said Iosub.

So, from Friday to Friday the official rate of dollar established by the NBU grew from 26.25 UAH to UAH 26,34 (+0,4%). Demand/supply of the dollar on the interbank market, according to the company “Ukrdealing”, during this same time increased from 26.16/26,19 to 26.34/is 26.37 (+0,7%). The average buying/selling rate of cash dollar in banks has changed over the week 26,20/26,49 to 26,22/26,46 (+0,1%/-0,1%). The spread between the average sale and the average purchase decreased from 1.1% to 0.9% due to the growth of the purchase rate while reducing the rate of sales.