The experts identified 7 positive facts given to couples from quarantine

Эксперты назвали 7 положительных фактов, которые получили пары от карантина

Quarantine staged validation pairs, which has led to increased conflicts and divorces. However, for some it proved to be quite useful and have strengthened their relationship with the second half.

Psychotherapists have noticed the real positive factors of pairs from quarantine. So, some lovers were able to solve all problems and overcome obstacles, while others simply have strengthened relations thanks to the constant stay together.

Psychologists publications Welland Good told how couples quarantined managed to bond and become happier than they were before because of this stress, reports 24 channel. That positive got a pair from quarantine

Distribution of cases led to better relations

More regular and visible participation of both partners in family Affairs can strengthen relationships. According to experts, it is important to work together to have a strong relationship.

“Working together on a common goal can be very rewarding for the pair, and maintaining cleanliness in the house can provide a great sense of accomplishment and teamwork that will make the couple feel connected,” says relationship expert Jaime Bronstein.

Less distractions gave couples more time

Not being able to make new plans in your calendar, many couples admit that their lives became less constant distractions of Affairs. And it allows them to spend more time with your partner.

In addition, if a couple shares goals and interests, so they can bond and feel more connected as a team as a whole. “When distractions are less, the couple has more time and space to focus on each other and on the relationship itself,” says Bronstein.

Reminds of a couple on the beginning of a relationship

Life does not stand still, now people are more busy and don’t always find time for each other. So many couples stop going out on dates as often as it was in the beginning of the relationship. However, the quarantine reminded love of “old” atmosphere.

“Time spent together and far from “normal” life, returned the many couples that they had at the beginning of a relationship. Some couples renewed their Boyfriends home and were more likely to walk together. They rediscovered something that was really important,” says Dzhilotti.

The expert says that the quarantine at the same time forced couples to appreciate their relationship and gave them time to think about how this can once again be great.

Partners support each other

The adverse factor of the quarantine is that it makes communication with people you can’t see in person, harder. A lot of people in a while even family to protect themselves from infection. Therefore, many of them are left without support.

However, those couples who together conducted a quarantine, increased the number of its support. Partners help the second half in the home or work and always support.

“Some have a feeling that they are “two against the world”, and it brought them closer together,” says Dzhilotti.

More stability

Many couples feel more cohesive team on the quarantine, which strengthened a sense of stability. “In a joint pastime, especially 24/7 like it was in quarantine in the lives of the people there were various little things, so it forced a couple to work on problems and conflicts,” says Bronstein.

So, the lovers are realizing that they can successfully overcome all difficulties and challenges, he found a new strength and resilience, that improve their relationships even more.

An expression of gratitude

As soon as couples overcome physical and emotional stress, they get more sympathy to each other. “It became very real during the quarantine, and people began to Express gratitude to each other. And this in turn leads to even more love and understanding in relations”, – says the expert.

When people feel grateful, he feels that he can hear, see and know who he really is. And this reality can help to maintain a strong relationship of any couple.

More sex

The lack of work trips, plans and remote work from home has given many couples more time, and because of sex in the relationship. “The more time the couple spends together, the more they have of intimacy. With increased feelings of intimacy may occur more sexual contacts,” – said the expert Helen Dzhilotti.

According to her, couples who previously rarely had sex during the quarantine re-discovered his joy of communication and received twice the intimacy.

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