The experts identified the foods that trigger stroke

Эксперты назвали продукты, провоцирующие инсульт

There are a range of products, regular consumption of which can trigger a stroke. As reported according to doctors, currently, stroke is one of the main causes of disability worldwide, and the doctors remind that the main cause of stroke is the use of harmful food products.

Nutritionists and doctors told me that to increase life expectancy and reduce the risk of stroke need to completely revise your diet. It is noted that in the first place need to give up fast food – this food contains the maximum amount of harmful fats that can cause health problems.

Also in the list of dangerous products nutritionists include salted nuts, crackers with different flavors, chips, mayonnaise and fizzy drinks, in addition, physicians were reminded that the risk of stroke is reduced with an active lifestyle. Aside from proper diet, doctors recommend daily walking for 20-30 minutes.