The experts “Roccasecca” told about the toxic acrylamide in French fries and potato chips

Эксперты «Роскачества» рассказали о токсичном акриламиде в картофеле фри и чипсах

“Roskoshestvo” issued a press release, telling him about the dangers of acrylamide. According to experts, this toxin is found in many fried and baked dishes, in particular in French fries and potato chips.

As experts explain, the acrylamide may naturally occur in products containing starch, which are subjected to frying or baking at temperatures above 120 degrees.

“Acrylamide is formed in some chemical reactions of amino acids. It can be found in French fries or Golden crust of fresh baked bread, donuts, corn flakes in the form of sticks, fried meat, various senecah or pastries”, – noted experts.

According to them, involvement in these products leads to the fact that the body can get from significant concentrations of acrylamide, which is able to influence it as a carcinogen.

Specialists “Roccasecca” gave recommendations on how to minimize the possibility of occurrence of acrylamide in preparing the food. For example, before frying the peeled potatoes should be kept in water from 60 to 120 minutes. This will reduce the starch content in it, and in the finished dish – the amount of acrylamide.

Also, do not bake and fry potatoes and other foods until you see them browned. In addition, the potatoes better cut into thicker slices – so product will have to allocate less of the starch that is converted to acrylamide.